BORN May 26, 1992
Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA

I am a military brat who grew up on 3 continents, learning from an early age just how big the world is and how beautifully diverse cultures can be.

Moving cities, states, and countries decorates my transitory lifestyle. That is why what constants I do have, I am extremely loyal to:

God, family, music, and a handful of resilient friends. While I spent more time learning, studying, and playing music in uni, my degree was actually in psychology (vocal jazz minor).

I moved to Nashville the summer of 2014 as an artist and writer, “starving” away as a waitress and discovering how to balance life, find home, and discipline dreams. After getting an unexpected call in November of that same year, I was offered a job to be assistant director for an American exchange program in Oxford.

I did not want to let this chance at challenge and growth pass me by. Suddenly by January 2015, England became the next chapter of my life.

I settled into British living—finding my place at work, building a community, and of course writing what I experienced along the way.

I have a passion for people, beauty, and a world outside my own. Ultimately, these are all connected to and through story. Stories let me discover individuals as they are, how they become that way, and how they flourish. I saw that everyday living in Oxford. It is through story that I am able to most value and help others. I moved from England in 2017 and currently live in Los Angeles, CA.

Songwriting, as luck would have it, is all about storytelling. I like seeing the world in raw, genuine detail. I am an ardent people watcher, life observer, analyzing philosopher, and sensitive dreamer.

My music has a pattern of paralleling my seasonal life and my personal interests. It is like my stream of consciousness, put on paper, mixed with chords, and produced into a song.

Sometimes I write to reflect; other times to process.

Sometimes I write to release; other times to create for the sake of creating.

My music is the journal to my life and the lens to my heart. Affected by how I see, what I experience, and who I meet, each song tells a story, and these stories are what resonate and find rest with other people. These stories are what make melodies powerful and lyrics universal.